Spring 2023: General Physics I (171.101)

Overview: General Physics I (171.101) is the first part of a two-semester sequence in general physics at the undergraduate freshman level. The sequence covers mechanics, waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, and atomic physics. The first part covered in this semester includes mechanics, oscillations and waves. Co-requisites include AS.110.108-AS.110.109, AS.173.111-AS.173.112.

Main course page: this page http://gritsan.pha.jhu.edu/2023.171.101/

Required materials: Access to course WileyPLUS (linked through Canvas) is required. Included: (1) eTextbook, (2) Homework assignments, (3) Supplemental study tools. One-semester access to WileyPLUS was quoted $69. Extra for a printed textbook. Printed textbook is not required, but recommended. Older edition is Ok. If purchasing a printed textbook (optional), check options with the WileyPLUS access, it may be most cost effective (quoted extra $50). The textbook (eTextbook or printed version) is Halliday & Resnick, Fundamentals of Physics, volume 1 (chapters 1 - 20), 12th edition, by Wiley. An earlier edition of this book may also be used for reference, as long as you have access to WileyPLUS. Note that even though you get access to WileyPLUS through Canvas, you still have to purchase this access from WileyPLUS when redirected by Canvas. You can watch this video from WileyPLUS.

Homework assignments and solutions: WileyPLUS, which also provides other online resources. Access to WileyPLUS should be purchased together with your instruction materials (see information about required materials), and this access is integrated with the JHU Learning Management System, which is Canvas discussed below.

Lectures and sections: It is important that you read material in the textbook prior to coming to lectures and discussion sections, following the schedule outlined in the syllabus. Your ability to participate in class will depend on your reading before each lecture and section. You need to have iClicker registeration in order to participate in class (see below).

The iClicker Student app: an in-class voting system that allows students to use their phones, tablets, or laptop computers to participate in real-time voting during class.

Exams: Gradescope for access to your graded exams.

Canvas: online Learning Management System for keeping your scores and providing some class-internal material, including syllabus. The WileyPLUS access with homework assignments and other resources is integrated into Canvas, but this access has to be purchased separately.

SIS (Student Information System): online system for registration, class email lists, grades.

JHU Academic support: Follow this link for additional programs which will help you learn material.

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