Fall 2021: Classical Mechanics I (171.105)

Overview: This course is a one-semester introduction to classical mechanics. It is the first course in a four semester introductory sequence that includes Physics 171.106 and Physics 171.201-202 or 171.309-310. As such, it is primarily intended for students who are planning to take at least two years of physics courses. Students planning to take a single year of physics should consider the introductory 171.101-102, 103-104, or 107-108 sequences. The goal of this course is to give a solid grounding in the core topics of classical mechanics, and to prepare students for further study in physics. Calculus will be used in keeping with the students' level of math preparation, and additional mathematical techniques will be introduced as needed. Co-requisites: Classical Mechanics Laboratory 173.115, and Calculus 110.108 or higher level mathematics course.

Required texts:

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