JHU Advanced Physics Lab: Nuclear spectroscopy

In this experiment you will perform an experiment which almost 100 years ago provided support for the first quantum models of the atom by Bohr.

There is a good manual available for this experiment, but it is available only by request and next to the apparatus. Make request to the instructor to get a copy. Technical description is available here .

First you have to perform energy calibration (experiment 1). Then measure spectra for common sources and identify content of the unknown source (experiment 2). Measure energy resolution as a function of energy using the above spectra (experiment 3). Study Compton scattering (including back-scattering) and search for annihilation and escape peaks (experiments 4 and 5). The last search may require several hours to collect data.

Prior notes on this experiment may be helpful and can be found here .

Andrei Gritsan
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